Holy Week and Easter 2023

We love Holy Week and Easter at St. Oswald’s and All Saints, and we’ve plenty going on this year to make it a really special time.

Our Holy Week activities begin on Maundy Thursday with a chance to remember the Last Supper from 6pm by sharing a meal and thinking together about the Easter story. We’ll remember how it ties in with the festival of Passover that Jesus and his friends were celebrating, and we’ll think about how it all draws us back to communion and our weekly shared celebration meal. Then from 8pm we’ll move into the church space for 2 hours of stillness, Bible readings and quiet reflection with ‘the Watch’.

On Good Friday we’ll begin at All Saints at 12 noon with our take on the traditional 3 hours service, the first hour will be family friendly prayer activities, and the service will begin to get quieter and more reflective from 1pm,  with guided meditations from 2pm, and half an hour of silence from 2:30pm till 3. There’s a bit of something to help everyone engage with this incredible story.

Then in the evening of Good Friday we’ll have an hour at the cross in St. Oswald’s from 7pm, a quiet service of music, worship and prayer, gathered around the empty cross.

On Holy Saturday we’ll continue the tradition of personal prayer on quiet Saturday, with an afternoon of prayer stations and space to reflect on what Easter means to us, 2pm till 8pm in the back room, drop in and stay for as long or as little as you like…..

No Easter would be complete of course without an Easter morning Celebration, at our normal service times of 9:30 at St. Oswald’s, and 11:15 at All Saints, each with plenty of chance to rejoice in the good news of the resurrection. It’ll be great to se you, hope you can make it!