News and Notices

Rev Jenny Green leaves us this month, for Carlisle, where she is retiring.  Jenny served 22 years in Uganda before coming to BD5.  She has been with us since 2015, mainly involved in St Matthew’s Bankfoot, but also in All Saints, and we shall miss her preaching, her laughter and her commitment to the poor.

June Hopkinson will be leaving also in August.  Sadly the funding is not there to maintain a full-time role, and she needs a full-time job.  She has been with us since September 2015, and we will miss her skill and resourcefulness at Messy Church and Journeymakers especially.

Over the last three years we have sent more than 200 hats and jumpers for children in Syria but the situation is now changing and they are especially wanting blankets for babies and children.  If you are in the process of knitting a jumper that is fine and will be well received but we can then focus our efforts on knitting squares which Adurey Barr will sew together to make a blanket.  Some people may welcome such a project in these self isolating days.
Audrey says, ‘I suggest we produce 5 inch squares in any colour.  They can be garter stitch or have a pattern. It doesn’t matter, Just  knit what you are most comfortable with.  There are lots of patterns online, if you would prefer to make it more interesting for yourself.  Please let me have any knitting you are able to produce and I will send it to Knit for Peace who then send it on to Syria and other war-torn areas of the world.’