News and Notices

This month

Harvest Festival
At Harvest on Sunday 6th October please bring items of food, tinned, packets, fresh food too. It all goes to individuals and families we know in the community.  Let me know of anyone who would value such a parcel.  At All Saints we again welcome the school children to sing and share.

Classes begin for anyone wishing to be confirmed or to renew their Confirmation vows on 20th October, 7 p.m. in the vicarage.  Time for a refresher course?  Talk to Derek or Stephen. The Confirmation Service will be on Sunday 8th December at 4.30 p.m.

Harvest Social
Harvest Festival is about feasting and fun, in gratitude for all we have to eat, wear and enjoy.  On Saturday 12th October there will be fun and games for all ages and plenty of food to eat and enjoy at All Saints from 6-8 p.m. for both congregations.  The Bible is full of stories of Harvest parties; at one of them Boaz found his wife, in rather doubtful circumstances (Ruth chapter 3).  A marriage partner might not emerge at All Saints, but there will be ‘a bit of a do’.

Social Evening
The next Social Evening at St Oswald’s is to be on Thursday 31st October, Hallowe’en.  Whilst the world scares itself with ghosts and masks and fear, Christians rejoice in the light and joy of Jesus Christ.  The Social evening will reflect something of this, with games, activities and food.  More details in next month’s Pew News.

All Saints floors
How do you like our shiny new floors?  Roebuck and Holmes have now finished.  The surface is fairly robust, and as long as we don’t scratch it with sharp points it should continue to gleam.

The next phase – will it ever end? – is to restore the metalwork and light the aisles to brighten exhibitions.  The lighting should be complete by Christmas; the metalwork will start in the New Year.

Actually it won’t end there, because metal rods that pass through the stonework in some of the windows have corroded, cracking the stonework, and presenting a hazard to anyone underneath.  Replacing those is our next challenge!