News and Notices

Pancake Party
We are having a party on Shrove Tuesday.  That’s 25th February at 5.30 p.m. in St Oswald’s.  There will be pancake decorating, pancake flipping competition, quizzes, games, talk, and lots of pancakes, both savoury and sweet.  All are welcome; this is not just for children and families but singles and older people too – don’t mind the noise. It will good for all of us to get together at the start of Lent.

All Saints windows
Window repairs at All Saints start on Monday 3rd February.

Money at All Saints
Average giving per week in December was a record £232.  And Share is paid in full. Well done All Saints!

Social Church
Social Church (for both churches) is at St Oswald’s on Wednesday 26th February at 6.30pm, with a “Faith supper” followed by the quiz.  It’s guaranteed to be a good fun evening, but only if you come along and join in.

JSP themes
During January and February we have been covering the five JSP themes, People, Prayer, Teaching, Team Building and Prophetic Challenge.  It is amazing how much they sum up all we do and believe in, in our Churches.  I hope the process has been beneficial.

Heritage at All Saints
Jonathan Bramley has done an amazing job as Heritage and Facilities manager; he has produced a number of tours of the Church building, from a creature trail for the youngest children, to a full-day ‘Scholars, servants and slaves’ day for a school tour.  The PCC had a preview on 20th January and were impressed!
We will charge schools to come, Jonathan will manage the tours, and the Church will make a small profit.  We never knew till recently just how much history and heritage is tied up in All Saints, and we look forward to sharing it with our community.

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday 26th February, and lasts ‘40 days and 40 nights’ as it says in the Bible.  That is the time when Jesus went into the wilderness and was tempted by the devil.  Lent is intended as a way to come close to Jesus by putting away some of the comforts of normal life and doing without.  Some give up types of food – biscuits, cake etc – or alcohol, others give up TV programmes, Youtube or internet games.  It’s a challenge because we like the things that we give up.  If we didn’t like them it would be no problem.  Cue the child who tells you, ‘I’m giving up school for Lent.’  But do it.  Do something.
Lent meetings will be on Thursdays in March – more details in the next Pew News.

Annual statistics
Last year we were able to report a growth in attendance at both churches; this year there is a slight decline in the core congregation.  We adjust the raw data so as not to double-count Derek, myself and others who come to both churches.  Then we take off those attending special services such as a baptism. All Saints fell in 2019 from 31.9 to 30.1 adults, and from 11.5 to 10.4 children per Sunday.  St Oswald’s adults dropped from 28 to 26.6, and children from 6.6 to 4.6.  These figures definitely go in the wrong direction; we should be growing in numbers.  We can account for every person who has left, mostly through moving away, some no longer attending, some through death, and we try to follow up each person.
However it is only God who can draw the human heart.  So while we invite and welcome and engage everyone, let’s also keep praying to the Lord to increase our numbers.

Three Peaks
Are you up for the Three Peaks challenge?  That is, either one, two or three of the Yorkshire peaks of Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-Ghent on Saturday April 25th.  Each walker is asked to find sponsorship to support Children and Families work across the four Anglican churches of BD5.  There is a practice walk on Saturday 28th March, and names are invited by 1st March, to one of the clergy.
So to those who at one time used to go walking in the hills, dust off your boots and get some practice in!  It will be good for you.  We could all do to be healthier and fitter.
Forms are available from the back of Church or from Stephen.  .  Get signed up!