News and Notices

Read in Church 12/08/2018
“As you may already know, one of our congregation was jailed at Bradford Crown Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to historical sex offences against children.
The crimes which Graham Learoyd committed are both shocking and deeply saddening.
The crimes are not connected with St Oswald’s in any way.
Of course, our thoughts and prayers must be firstly for his victims and also for others impacted by his actions.
Care and support have been provided throughout, and we have worked with the Diocesan Safeguarding team since we became aware of this last year to make sure appropriate safeguarding measures have been in place at St Oswald’s.
May I again ask for your prayerful support for all concerned at such a sad time.”
Graham is currently in Armley prison.  Joan has been able to phone but not yet to visit .  Stephen and Jenny also hope to visit.

Iveta Bambuchova is baptised at All Saints on Sunday 26th August at All Saints.  Chloe Corrigan is to be baptised on 30th September at St Oswald’s.

Sunday Evening Worship
Derek and the team are planning a second act of worship to complement Sunday Mornings for all who would like to be a part of something more contemporary – both from the existing Church body and from ‘outside’.  The focus is on Worship, Prayer, Community and the Bible, and is Team led.  This month’s evening service and the following few months will be at St Oswald’s.

Bishop Toby is coming to confirm five people at All Saints on Sunday 23rd September at 5 p.m, Moein Ebrahimi, Behnam Akbary, Noma Ncube, Aubrey Nkolimbo, Benjamin Pabvabango.  Moein and Behnam are from Iran, Noma from Zimbabwe and Aubrey and Benjamin from Malawi.  These who come to us from other countries are a huge blessing to All Saints; let’s support them and their families, – and let’s BE their family that day and make it special by our presence.

James Clayton
We have been thrilled by the support of funders in response to many funding applications.  Garfield Weston gave us £5000 and Santander £4982 towards the costs of James’ work with job-seekers and those seeking help with IT.  Thanks to both these wonderful organisations.

Rosie and Stu Bayford
Rosie and Stu leave for Brazil with CMS when their visas arrive; they are a third away from their monthly budget.  If anyone wants to support financially, check out their newsletter in Church.