News and Notices

Social Church
St Oswald’s PCC is planning a quiz and games evening on Wednesday 15th August, with a faith supper.  Dot Jackson is coordinating food/offers of food.  We are hoping to attract other teams; St Matthew’s are inviting a team, but so far Stuart Lawson is the only volunteer for All Saints.  Would anyone care to join Stuart to make an All Saints team?

Explore Together
On 1st July we gave out feedback forms for everyone to share their views of Explore Together.  Thank you to the 10 respondents who said: –
St Oswald’s:
*Not my cup of tea
*Quiet zone for prayer and reflection was distracted by sermon, difficult to meditate.  However felt surrounded by peace – it didn’t work for me today.  We need a quiet place.
*Went into vestry and really enjoyed it
*The church is nice and comfortable.  I feel welcome and happy to be part of this wonderful church.
*I much prefer the more ‘traditional’ service, although I appreciate the need and view for a more diverse approach.
All Saints:
*I enjoyed the busy zone because the activities were engaging
*I stayed in church and it was lovely.  The message was so touching
*We should try and explore together including the children in every zone so that they learn other things and to see and learn what other zones are doing.
*It is warm and lovely
*Explore Together is a reflection in self-realisation of understanding the gospel.  I think it is the best for the church and congregation.
We try to accommodate these concerns and responses; please keep them coming, to make this service the best it can be for us all.

Spiritual Temperature
A random suggestion at a recent PCC was to ‘raise the spiritual temperature’ of the Church.  How do we ensure that the Church becomes not a social club, but a spiritual army?  Why are Coffee Mornings better attended than prayer meetings?  Why are the core values of the Church more one another-focussed than Christ-focussed?  Michael Green once wrote, “The church at large seems to have lost the recognition that there is a war on.  “Church” is a place to go on a Sunday once a week – or once a month – not a corps of battle troops under a Commander against a skilful, powerful, ruthless foe.”
So we looked at the evidence, and discovered to our surprise that there are 20 people at St Oswald’s engaged in some form of Bible Study or Prayer meeting and 11 at All Saints in 8 different groups.  Dot Jackson runs a fortnightly bible Study, Derek a weekly bible study on Friday mornings, a monthly D-pend for young people and a fortnightly Bible Study on Wednesday nights.  Spiritual Heart runs once a month at St Oswald’s at lunch time, and once a month in the evening; All Saints has a monthly evening Spiritual Heart.  9 people from both churches meet regularly to plan the monthly evening service at All Saints   Plus now and again there are START! courses and Confirmation classes.  Even though some attend more than one of these, put together this is a lot of people engaged in discovering the will of God and seeking to apply it to their lives.

Church tithe
Both Churches give one tenth of the income they receive to missions and charities.  We restrict giving to a few causes for whom our money will make a significant difference, particularly Christian bodies that noone other than Christians will support.
St Oswald’s have just allocated their tithe of £2504 as follows
Church Mission Society           £1000
Jesus-Shaped People                £250
Northern Sudan                                               £654
Messy Church                                      £250
Prayer for Bradford                 £100
Outreach (unspecified)            £250
All Saints has still to work out where to allocate their tithe, and it’s on the agenda for our next PCC.

James Clayton’s IT sessions
continue over the summer. Anyone with a computer problem or wanting help looking for a job should come to All Saints (without needing an appointment) on Mondays 11.30–3.30 p.m. or Thursdays 10–12 and 6–8 p.m.
Shine Together is meeting some Saturdays, not all, over the Summer; any young people with additional needs are welcome.
St Oswald’s West End Centre closes from Monday 20th August to Tuesday 28th August.