News and Notices

Remembrance Sunday 12 November
“We will remember them”: words we say solemnly every Remembrance Sunday.  We remember the trenches on the Western Front, the campaigns in the North Sea, Mesopotamia, Gallipoli, Africa, the Caucasus and the rest.  We feel for the living victims of the Second World War, Korea, the Falklands, Afghanistan and Iraq. And we dream of a day when ‘they will beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks: where nation shall not take up sword against nations, nor will they train for war any more: where everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree; and noone will make them afraid, for the Lord Almighty has spoken.’
Sunday 12th November, with 2 minutes silence at the end of both 9.30 service at St Oswald’s and 11.15 a.m. service at All Saints.

At 3 p.m. Messy Church at St Oswald’s for children and families is on the theme of sacrifice from the Bible story of the three young men who would not submit to the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and were thrown into a great fire; for an activity we are outside at a (safe) bonfire in the vicarage garden, with pie and peas for all. No fireworks though. All free of charge, finishing around 4.30 p.m.

Harvest Festival
Thanks to everyone who brought a Harvest gift on 8th October.  Gifts and plants were taken out to 23 homes, where we were received with great joy.  The services at both churches were amazing: 44 adults and 11 children at St Oswald’s; and a record 66 adults and 45 children at All Saints including school children, staff and parents.
Marshfield School then asked us if we would like to distribute their harvest produce too.  From the vast and generous supply of tins and dried goods, we were able to make up 27 Harvest parcels.  We kept back a good quantity from both harvests for those who come needing food parcels; we were also able to send a consignment of food for the food bank at St John’s Great Horton.

Mr Willats Charity has awarded June Hopkinson £7000 a year for three years; this will keep post open till nearly Christmas 2019 – together with other funding raised from elsewhere.  We continue to put in bids wherever there is a chance of funding, but this is one of the biggest and best amounts of money we could have received and we are grateful to them.
The Foyle Foundation has generously awarded Landmark £2500 towards funding of James Clayton’s post.  This is also a huge encouragement for James’ post for the future.
Jo Watts has won £1000 for equipment for the ‘Shine’ group from Bradford Council; this will be spent on items such as laptop, printer, CD player for the group.

Persecuted Church
The Christian religion is currently the most persecuted religion in the world.  Its opponents are found in Muslim, communist and other countries. On 19th November we shall watch a DVD about the Church in Syria and Iraq, and pray for our brothers and sisters in their trials.

Churchyard clean-up
Thanks to the team of volunteers under the direction of Chris Graham who made a huge difference at St Oswald’s last month and left 13 sacks for the council to collect.  As ever the rubbish soon returned, but the land looks better and West End Centre volunteers have put in bulbs and plants all over the area too.

All Saints organ
The small group that is planning to renew the organ and metalwork in All Saints is nearly ready to submit a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund.  The total cost of the bid, including organ, metalwork, the employment of a ‘Heritage and Facilities Manager’ for a year, professional fees – all with VAT on top – comes to a massive £277,000, of which the Church has already raised £35.000 towards the organ; so we are asking the Lottery for £244,000.  The figures are constantly changing (these figures come from the 5th draft) and we submit for a Stage-One application on 25th November.
If successful – we hear in April 2018 – we are then given money and time (up to two years) to work up a full bid, with all the detail required.  We reckon we should not need two years, and hope to make a final submission in November 2018 for a decision in Spring 2019.  Then the work can begin.
Jonathan Bramley together with architect Mike Overton is leading us on the application, and we are hugely grateful to him for his generous offering of time and enthusiasm.

Emmaus shop
Emmaus (the charity that provides homeless people with a bed and a reason to get out of it) has started a new shop in our area.  The former Impact Centre on Cross Lane, where the Joshua Project was sited for the past few years has now turned into a second-hand store.  It sells furniture, clothing, bric-a-brac, items of all sorts at very reasonable rates.  The building was a theatre, then a bingo-hall, before the Joshua Project and now Emmaus.  The extensive premises are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. and are worth a visit.  The final goal is to set up a community for homeless people with the chance to work in the shops and to get back on their feet.

Job Advertisement
A treasurer is sought for All Saints Church.  This is a voluntary post, requiring approximately four hours a week, with extra hours at the year end.  Any interested applicant should contact the vicar, Canon Stephen Treasure on 01274 522717 or use the Contact facility on this site to send an email.